Consultation on wind power

We have been advising companies from the wind power industry with for over fifteen years. The majority of our customers are SME developers, suppliers and investors. We are a competent point of contact for all stakeholders, from small-scale engineering agencies through to power utility companies.

Our close relationships with many decision-makers in politics and business frequently assure our customers the required fast and efficient results.

The know-how we have accumulated over the years flows not only into our consulting work, but also into our publications and studies on current topics. Of particular note is our concise analysis of the wind power market for wind energy project planners in Germany ("Kurzanalyse des Marktes für Windkraftprojektierer in Deutschland"), which has been published regularly since 2001. A prognosis for the next three years is drawn up and published based on a market survey of 130 to 140 project developers together with our own analyses.

Comparisons of our forecasts with the figures that actually attained demonstrate just how realistically we assess the current situation and future developments.

Comparison of Övermöhle forecasts from June 2015 / actual figures

Onshore wind power

  • Prognosis for 2015: 4,250 MW
  • Actual figure in 2015: 3,730 MW
  • Difference: -520 MW (-12 %)
  • Prognosis for 2016: 4,400 MW
  • Actual figure in 2016: 4,625 MW
  • Difference: +225 MW (+5 %)
  • Prognosis for 2017: over 4,000 MW + repowering
  • Actual figure in 2017: ?
  • Difference: ?

Comparison of Övermöhle forecasts from July 2012 / actual figures

Onshore wind power

  • Prognosis for 2012: 2,300 MW
  • Actual figure in 2012: 2,325 MW
  • Difference: +25 MW (+1 %)
  • Prognosis for 2013: 2,700 MW
  • Actual figure in 2013: 2,998 MW
  • Difference: +298 MW (+11 %)
  • Prognosis for 2014: over 3,000 MW
  • Actual figure in 2014: 4,750 MW
  • Difference: +1,750 MW (+58 %)

Offshore wind power 2012-2014

  • Prognosis: 1,000 MW
  • Actual figure: 1,049 MW
  • Difference: +49 MW (+5 %)

Spot-on forecasts for calls for tender as well

Back in November 2016, due to the high participation of privileged civic power companies, we predicted a high offer surplus for the first "Wind an Land" call for tender posted on 01.05.2017. And our pricing forecast of 5.6 cents per kWh materialised as well. That meant yet another 100 % direct hit!

As a team with you

The aim of our consultation activities is always to work together with the customer to develop decisions or practical solution proposals which don't then disappear into a drawer, but can be quickly put into practice. Whether for marketing projects, developing a medium-term strategy or advising on a corporate succession – we are the ones who get active, speak directly with the investors, draft the documentation, etc.

Since 2004, we have marketed wind farms worth €315 million

Another of our fields of activity involves advising and supporting international investors in pinpointing and acquiring projects. We actively search for economically interesting wind parks, assess them, and then accompany the project through to its culmination.

Our consulting team comprises two permanent employees and several freelancers. We dispose of a network of specialists and institutions with whom we collaborate on a project-by-project basis.

Teaser high oversubscription and pricing forecast predicted

High oversubscription and pricing forecast of 5.6 cents per kWh predicted. You also can benefit for the next calls for tender from our outstanding knowledge of the market and our excellent network contacts in the industry | Ask for an appointment: Send an email…

Niels immerkjaer

High oversubscription anticipated for the next call for tender on 01.08.2017!

There are three key reasons for this | more…

Teaser kurzanalyse des marktes fuer windkraft 180108

Up-to-date, year in, year out

Read the excerpt of our 2018 analysis of wind energy market in Germany | more…

Teaser unternehmen leistungen

Experienced, networked, committed

Ideas are turned into goals. We pave the way for you to succeed in the wind power business sector | more…

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So that you can successfully master the consolidation of the wind energy market

Benefit from the experience we have gathered from advising and guiding numerous project developers and investors | more…